LED Bulb

Today LED bulbs are used in never-ending purposes. From commercial set to industrial usage to domestic households. Over years, the LED bulbs have replaced the CFL bulbs with its high end performance. With its modern technology and energy saving advantage, they are preferred by consumers widely. Their lightweight, small size and cost make LED bulbs an ideal choice in every house. Whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom, the LED bulbs functions the same. That is they lighten up house in a stylish way.

Known for best supply of LED Bulb, we are a trustworthy LED Bulb Manufacturer Company India. Our engineers have come out with an ergonomically designed rechargeable LED Bulb. The light can be easily fit in any kind of socket without any disturbance. Further, the bulbs diffuser spread the light across a wider area.

Key advantage of using LED Bulb from Sundak Solar :

  • Best suited for cool daylight. The LED bulb creates a normal light feeling.
  • LED bulb offers warm white light. This is apt for bedroom and living room. They generate a good lighting for reading and family meetings.
  • Natural white light feel is offered by LED Bulbs. They create a clear and fresh vision.

With our LED bulbs customers are guaranteed with energy efficient options. A wide assortment of LED bulbs in different shapes and sizes makes us an idyllic option.

Sundak Solar is the largest LED Bulb Manufacturer Company India. We offer different purpose LED bulbs such as LED garden lights, LED house lights, flash lights and flood lights. Looking for competitive LED bulbs? Contact us, we are the largest LED Bulb Manufacturer Company India. You can get all sizes and specifications all at amazing rates. Check out our collection and get the attractive offers. Sundak Solar help you achieve all of the benefits of LED bulb today.

LED Bulb
LED Bulb


• Operates on Input Voltage as Low as 100V
• Can also withstand Voltage as high as 300 V
• Generator and Inverter Compatible
• BIS Approved Bulbs
• Long Life up to 25000 hours
• Eco Friendly with No Mercury Content and No Carbon Emission
• High Energy Saving as Compared to CFL and Incandescent Bulb
• Bright and True Colours having CRI>80
• High Lumen Output of more than 85 Lumen/Watt
• No Glare or Flicking Effects
• Instant ON and OFF Operation
• Aluminium housing with Plastic coating
• LED fixing system is as per BIS / European Standard.
• 180o Beam Angle & IP-65

LED Bulb
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