LED Tube Light

A seamless illumination is the most critical aspect of lighting. These days a right lighting solution is very critical in house. With a bad light even the most modern room looks dull. Thus, getting the right light becomes vital. The LED Tube light is the perfect solution to provide the perfect illumination. Explore the huge collections of LED tube lights from Sundak Solar. Our tube lights offer pleasant light with durable performance. The critical feature of our lights is that they effortlessly shine any place. Customers across sectors choose us because we are the largest LED Tube Light Manufacturer company in India.

Today, LED tube lights are commonly used in offices, buildings, houses, hospitals and hotels. In fact it’s preferred in every hook and corner. The LED lights are environment friendly and do not release any unwanted gas. Hence, they are user friendly and safe to house and family.

Whether it’s a bedroom, living room or dining hall, the LED tube light is a picture-perfect match. The light comes in a reasonable price with better savings. And most significantly, we don’t compromise on the quality of the product. The sleek and slim body of the light makes it compatible to all electrical fittings. Further, the most promising part of LED tube lights is that they don’t flicker like the conventional lights. This ensures lower power and low electric bills. Our LED Tube lights are made of ultra slim co-extruded poly carbonate channel assuring longer life span.

Are you looking for Tube Lights that will save power? Are you looking for lights which offer consistent performance? Then choose the contemporary LED Tube lights. Buy LED tube lights from finest LED Tube Light Manufacturer Company in India Sundak Solar. We supply tube lights at best price and help you delivered at your address.

LED Tube Light
LED Tube Light


• Operates on Input Voltage as Low as 100V
• Can also with stand Voltage as high as 300 V
• Generator and Inverter Compatible
• Long Life Up to 50000 hours for EA* and 25000 hours for TP*
• Eco Friendly with No Mercury Content and No Carbon Emission
• High Energy Saving as Compared to Fluorescent Tube Light
• Bright and True Colours having CRI>80
• High Lumen Output of more than 100 Lumen/Watt
• No Glare or Flicking Effects
• Instant ON and OFF Operation
• EA*/TP* Housing with Highly Efficient Polycarbonate Defuser
• LED fixing system is as per BIS / European Standard.
• T8 type with G13 Cap
• IP-65

LED Tube Light
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