LED High Mast Light

A high mast lighting is typical used to illuminate large areas. The device comes with a high mounting pole and LED High Mast Lights. This type of LED lights is suitable for outdoor lighting. Specially covering areas such as parking lots, gardens, theme park, grounds, stadiums, community gathering and sport facilities.

Sundak Solar is a pioneer in LED High Mast Light Manufacturer Company India. Our high mast LED light today is designed and built by expert team. Our quality check team undertake various checks to ensure better illumination.

Advantages of LED High Mast Lights from Sundak Solar :

  • Unlike traditional lighting solution, the LED High Mast light offer 50% to 80% energy reduction.
  • Lower maintenance cost is another critical advantage of LED lights. The exterior high mast light fixtures operate over a longer period of time with no breakage.
  • The LED lights dispense light evenly across the area with a distributed light pattern.
  • Optimum design to offer seamless light distribution in crowded areas such airports, sea ports, railway stations and traffic junctions.
  • Finest structural design ensuring stability in different weather conditions.
  • Flexible mechanical design offering easy raising and lowering for maintenance and check.
  • Smart electrical system offering user friendliness.
  • Built in advantages such as adjustable light intensity and selectable color temperature.

Being a solution focused supplier, we are known for high-quality products. Our LED High Mast Lights is recognized as the best in LED High Mast Light Manufacturer Company India. Large area lighting is a drain on energy. And our cutting edge LED technology reverses this fact offering large area lighting with reduced energy.

Are you someone looking for high mast LED lights? Contact us and we will help you in the right specification of LED light. Our High Mast LED light offers better night time visibility and enhanced light quality.

LED High Mast Light
LED High Mast Light


• Operates on Input Voltage as Low as 100V
• Can also withstand Voltage as high as 300 V
• Generator and Inverter Compatible
• Long Life Up to 25000 hours
• Eco Friendly with No Mercury Content and No Carbon Emission
• High Energy Saving as Compared to Incandescent Bulb
• Bright and True Colours having CRI>80
• No Glare or Flicking Effects
• Instant ON and OFF Operation
• Housing with Engineering Thermoplastic
• LED fixing system is as per BIS / European Standard.
• IP-65

LED High Mast Light
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