LED Down Light

Judicious use of electricity is the major reason for people switching to LED down light. We supply innovative designs which are ideal fit for both residential and office properties. Known for high-quality lights, we are the finest LED Down Light Manufacturer Company India. Our products enhance the aesthetic value and also increase the brightness. Unlike any other conventional lights, the LED down Lights offer lower maintenance cost. Hassle free installation and high lighting is the major reason for people wanting to put up LED down lights. The product offered by us, use almost 50% lower energy and produce more light. The LED down lighters gorgeously highlights the desired areas.

We supply down lights with types as per the necessity. Options include :

  • Fixed
  • Adjustable
  • Twin
  • Quads
  • Triples
  • Square and many more.

Key remunerations in using Sundak Solar LED down lights :

  • High durability – the lights can be turned down and off multiple times.
  • Our lights generate low heat – this ensures no outbreak of fires.
  • High resistance to breakage when compared to conventional lights.
  • Specially Moulded high grade poly carbonate material is used offering great tensile strength.

Major Applications :

  • Ceiling Lighting
  • Industrial lighting
  • Commercial Place Lighting
  • Office Lighting
  • Down Lighting
  • Shop Floor Lighting
  • Hotel lighting
  • Super market
  • Marriage hall lighting and so on.

Are you looking for an attractive LED down lights? Then we are the best LED Down Light Manufacturer Company India to partner. We supply unlimited range of options with plentiful shapes, sizes, costs and illumination range.

Spend your money wisely with us. Choose the most suitable down-light from Sundak Solar. We guarantee energy and cost savings. Customer across India prefer us because we ensure the most economical price of LED down lighting products.

LED Down Light
LED Down Light


• Operates on Input Voltage as Low as 100V
• Can also withstand Voltage as high as 300 V
• Generator and Inverter Compatible
• Long Life Up to 25000 hours
• Eco Friendly
• High Energy Saving
• Bright and True Colours having CRI>80
• No Glare or Flicking Effects
• Instant ON and OFF Operation
• Housing with Engineering Thermoplastic
• LED fixing system is as per BIS / European Standard.
• No Mercury content and No Carbon Emission
• IP-65

LED Down Light
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